Air traffic controll…

We had a call from Texas. It was Beth. We moved her mom last year. Beth is coming into town because her mom is moving into skilled nursing.  Beth asked us to pack up her mother’s belongings (again) and have them ready for shipping and moving when she arrives.  So now we begin a dialogue with the retirement community, Beth’s brother, and Beth that will go on for a couple of weeks. I always feel like air traffic controller in these conversations and I love the adrenalin rush of being squad leader insuring we fly wing tip to wing tip instead of crashing into each other with convoluted and repetitive communication. The end result is we get Mom moved into her new space with familiar furniture and wall hangings making it feel like home for her. However we can make a person’s space support their lifestyle and emotional needs is our passion.

Quote for the day:  “Be gentle with yourself as you go through changes.”
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