Getting Ready to Make a Change

When it comes to making big changes, like moving or downsizing, there are an infinite number of ways to feel, be, and act when under the pressure to make that change. Most people do it with ease and grace, some become overwhelmed, but eventually everyone makes it happen.

Our goal is to help everyone have a smooth and easy transition, no matter what. Here are a few qualities we have seen with clients that seems to make the move easier for everyone. We will discuss them over the next few blogs:

  • Be Honest
  • Be Clear (Including Communication)
  • Have a Plan
  • Ask for Help When Needed
  • Rest When Needed
  • Take Time to Have Fun

First of all, be honest—mostly with yourselves first. Why are you making this move or change? What are your strengths and abilities at this point in your life? Where would it be beneficial to get help—even if you “could” do it—to not cause yourself too much physical or mental stress? It may be that you could still do the move yourself, and maybe have dozens of times in your life, but is that the best thing for you now?

Our bodies all get older: it’s the law of human existence. How we age is up to us. The fact that you are considering your options by considering having Simply Change help you is kudos to your openness to what you may need now in your life.

You may be busy, such as working parents with two young children. If you make this work, kudos to you. And, your entire life may operate more smoothly with a few organizational systems in place, such as childrens’ closets being organized and accessible to them. As children age, new systems are needed to allow their independence and learning, and you may or may not have time, energy, or experience for that. In fact, would you rather be doing that, or spending one on one time with your children?

One of the best examples of honesty I have seen is a charming woman who has dementia. She has the most wonderful smile and happy spirit, and she just says quite early in most conversations that she has dementia and just wanted to let us know that. Her husband patiently processed their house to prepare for a big move, and was also honest that in many ways he needed help because it was too much to take on himself. They both touched our hearts with their earnestness and honesty as they made the transition from a large single family home where they had lived for years to a smaller home in a retirement community.

Whatever change you want in your life, being honest with yourself and others is a good first step. From there, the accurate plan can begin to be made.

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