Dear Friends,

Throughout mankind’s history meditation has been an important tool to help people find immediate results in calming their emotions, finding inner peace, feeling more connection to the divine and accessing a deeper and more clear intelligence for making day-to-day life decisions.

Meditation is especially helpful when our life circumstances result in more stress, anxiety, worry, fear, and uncertainty. Along with these come the many emotional responses and build up that have us not feel centered, calm or clear in determining what our next actions may need to be in those times. If emotions surface, know that is quite natural and let them be felt and released.

We at Simply Change want to offer you free guided meditations to assist you in nurturing your spirit and helping you to better cope with your daily life challenges. During times of stress and worry you may want to schedule time each day to give yourself some time to quiet your world and find a peaceful state within you.

Below are meditations varying in length and mood. Find a few quiet minutes in your day to meditate along with the recordings. Meditation is a practice and if you can put some time daily or weekly toward this practice you will find that your life will be much enhanced. And whatever life circumstances appear you’ll be able to address them with more calm and clarity.

With our heartfelt love we offer these to you. We hope you enjoy the meditations accompanied by soothing music.

Robert and staff

“Take a quick break” meditation (5 minute)

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Take slow deep breaths while letting your body relax. Perhaps say a quiet prayer or just let your mind go for these few minutes. Let yourself be rejuvenated and reconnected to a deeper part of yourself.