Praises from our clients…

“Meeting Robert and the staff at Simply Change has been a total lifesaver for my new business! From the very moment they set foot in my studio, they listened with compassion and understanding to what I needed to change about my environment. They asked about what works best for me and incorporated those habits into a space that I can totally work in, without the chaos and clutter it had been previously. They created a space for every slip of paper and even created a shopping list of items for me to enhance my workflow even more. This project has been a huge process for me and they have helped me every step of the way with sincere professionalism and absolute kindness. I would totally recommend Robert to anyone looking to organize their life, their business, or even just their space. They have helped immensely and I am forever grateful!  It was a total treat to have you guys come and help me get my ducks in a row!!!! Your visit came just in time because my schedule has exploded! I can’t tell you how nice it is to have a file and a system and a way of keeping everyone straight. Just taking a peek at the way you guys work has given me TONS of help with workflow.” – Sheryl M, – small in-home business owner and mother of two

“Working with Robert with Simply Change made moving so much easier, lighter and even fun at times. Whenever I was feeling anxious, they would show up, and like a whirlwind so much would get done, changes all through the house — afterward I was able to be in so much trust, & the anxiety was just gone!  Their care, both for our belongings, and for our personal well-being, was beyond gracious. We felt held personally as well as efficiently as the work was done.” – Grace S,nurse who moved to another city

At first the idea of moving across the country, downsizing and simplifying sparked a quiver of excitement.  Then the reality of it all came into focus — facing up to the aging process, to decades of accumulating, and the challenges of deciding what to keep and what to let go; all very painful and overwhelming, to the point that a sort of paralysis set in, not knowing quite where to start.  Robert and Laura talk about ‘holding your hand with compassion and experience to help facilitate the changes in your life’. It is a statement they richly deserve!  To be held with such compassion and to feel the reassurance of their experience was exactly what we needed. Every step of the way they were patient, gentle and thorough. They made this whole process happen smoothly and on time.” – Hugh S, – retired executive

“Thank you, Robert and Laura, so much for your energy and enthusiasm in helping me clear out my “junk room” and closet. I feel so good about the process–it was very freeing to just let go of a lot of stuff. You both made it so easy–I especially loved that I didn’t have to do anything to carry off all of the donations and trash!  I will certainly let you know if there is anything you can do to help with the actual move.  Thank you again.” – Anne S, – nurse in process of moving

“I owe so much to you, Robert, for your invaluable work and support. I’ve spoken so highly of you to my realtor and given her your pamphlet – she wants more!  Much gratitude.” – Kimberly C, – artist who recently moved

“I just wanted to thank you so much for your kindness, compassion and hard work on Monday. It means more to me than you could ever know.” – Marianne, – business owner

“With sensitivity, care, and skill they provided me with individual assistance that well exceeded my desired results. In the process they nurtured my home and life, with calm and ease.” – Lynda L, – Homeowner & Occupational Therapist

“I have a really good remedy for a headache – Robert and the staff of Simply Change.” – Martha W, – 84-year-old retired nurse recently downsized to an assisted living facility

“On behalf of my mom ad my siblings, I want to thank you for your tremendous help with mom’s move to Highland Farm and the preparation of her house to sell. There is no way we could have completed these tasks without you! I am delighted and relieved given the amazing progress we’ve made this year. We’ll definitely stay in touch.  PS. We have sold the house!! – Charlotte N. and family, – helped mom move and stage home for sale