Sometimes its just one step after another until we are there

We just finished working today with a client who has made amazing changes in the last year and a half. Her house was cluttered with no organizational systems when we first started and now the space is airy, open, and clean. And she keeps it that way. She is selling her house so today we helped her set up a “quick clean-up” system. Now when perspective buyers are coming it takes her less than 10 minutes to completely tidy up her bathroom, kitchen counter, and office. We purchased her decorative boxes into which she lifts smaller containers that sit out for daily use. Our most inventive purchase was a modern armoire in which she beautifully reassembled her spiritual altar. It sits in her bedroom with the doors open and when realtors or buyers come she gently shuts the doors. We love our work and our clients. Each job, each person is so different. The end product is gratitude on both sides.

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