Transform that disorganized closet – 9/2/12

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As professional organizers we have noticed that when clients create order in their homes they feel good about themselves. They feel calmer and have more time for other people. When people are calm they are more thoughtful. When they take care of themselves they are more likely to take care of others.

How wide an effect does a calm, thoughtful, caring person have in a day, a week, a year?

Where does one start on this world peace plan? We have found that the closet is a good place. It is so personal and you have to look in it every day.

Most regular people have “regular” closets. They contain too many clothes, half of which have not been worn in the last year. The shelves and floors are regions you don’t want to explore and when you are looking for something it is like it took a vacation.

What does it take to transform a “regular” closet into an organized closet?

A friend and four hours is a great start. You take it all out and you only put back the clothes that make you feel really good about yourself. Not the ones you love or hoped might fit someday, but the ones that make you feel like walking a little taller. It is pretty radical to cut back to only what looks good and feels good but world peace is pretty radical.

It is likely you will end up with a heap of clothes labeled “donations” and maybe a pile called “consignment.” Don’t hesitate. Carry both piles immediately to the car. Drive directly to the donation center. If the consignment pile is still in your car after two days, drive back to the donation center and let it all go.

Take care of your friend. Pick up some pizza or sushi on the way home. The two of you might even picnic in front of the closet and drink in all the space you have created. You can take that space back to work on Monday morning and change the world.

Julia Gunnels of Asheville is the owner of Simply Change, a professional organizing service. Robert Uherka is her business partner. For services, portfolio and info, visit, call 230-2802 or email

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