Clarity Making Transitions Easier

Another important quality that can help make transition easier is to BE CLEAR. As you go through the steps of becoming honest with yourself about what is needed, you will gradually become more and more clear of what you want and need.

Of course want and need are often closely entwined, but you can often have both fulfilled! Once you have come to the decision you want change, continue contemplating. Perhaps you want to journal or make a list of pros and cons for the different choices you have to make.

Change is often fueled by a need of some kind, or perhaps you are aware enough to look ahead and plan for the future. No matter the motivation for your change, you can manage to have both your needs and wants fulfilled! Set in place your needs, then put in place your wants. They are usually all possible.

Once you have really decided what is important to you, be sure to be clear in your communication with others. This is of course important first with your husband or wife or partner. You will come to a shared decision; allow this to take as long as it needs to, if you are able. Many decisions are ones that will affect you for years to come, so do allow each other to be on the same page before making big changes.

Thereafter, be sure to be clear with others around you. Family, children, sisters, brothers, etc. They will want to support you however they can.

Then, be sure to be clear with whomever is involved with making your move or change happen, be it marketing directors at a retirement facility or the movers you will be working with.

Simply Change can help you with any part of the actual process of movement or change. From the time you decide you are making a big move, you can meet with us, even a year in advance. If you are ready immediately, please get in touch right away. We offer our free one hour consultation specifically to help people get a clear picture of what they’re moving process can look like.

If you have decided you would like the assistance of Simply Change for downsizing or organization, we have a three hour minimum, and you can contact us to schedule anytime. We usually recommend having a couple of key areas to really get set up during that time, and we can also briefly go over another couple of areas during that time. Most areas of a home can be really set up in form and function in just a couple of days. We tend to not work more than about six hours in a day with one client because you will be making many decisions—so get some rest the night before!

For whatever change it is you are about to make, the more clear you can be the better—and we will start from wherever you are. We are here to make it as easy as possible.

And if you are unclear at this point, we can also start from there!! Like we said, we can help at any point in the process. We can become clear together on what will be most beneficial for you! It is a process, and we are here for that.

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