We all need help at times…

In the last blog, I (Laura) mentioned one of my favorite moments: when a client sits down and watches us pack! It usually doesn’t last long: usually the length of a cup of tea maximum! But after working so hard for often months, the day we show up is such a relief for them.

That said, just a few days ago, a client inspired me more by sitting outside and read the paper while we worked inside. When I said I was inspired by him, he said that getting to relax is one of the benefits of getting older, and he was embracing it! What an inspiration, AND a positive way to look at aging, and for me: something to look forward to!

It is really the wisest thing, and a very intelligent use of time: hire us and let us cruise, because we can really move fast. Take the time to go shopping for items you need in your new place or just take it easy! Experience is a great teacher, and we have packed and unpacked thousands of boxes. We are an efficient, well-oiled machine once we start packing, especially; and on the unpacking end, we can either get everything out of boxes for you/us to detail in later, or we can work side-by-side with you and think things through as we go.

The efficiency and speed we can work with has got me considering my own life. Where can I ask for help? Where can I hire a professional to save myself time, energy, stress and often money? When I see how much we can help others, I want to see who can help me with what I need in a similar way.

And with the speed the world is moving at, sometimes it’s nice to let that work to our benefit. Sometimes the items that you wondered about for weeks can be discussed and decided about in just a few seconds! Decisions that can swirl around in the brain can be easy once discussed in a logical and clear manner with people who understand the big picture of what’s transpiring. And each conversation will likely take care of many of these swirling thoughts! Oh, what a relief!!….

So be easy on yourself, take time to take in the process, and trust it will all get done with ease and grace. That’s why you (hopefully) hired us! We get to take any worry out of the process for you. Just enjoy the process. Take the time to enjoy the items you are seeing and going through. Take the time to connect with out of town family that may be thinking of you at this time. Let the care and love in of the people around you that want to support you. The move itself will be fine.

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